What We Do

Research & Understanding
Too often we are seen only as a fund-raising organization; however, our true and most important work is focused on knowing, understanding and educating others about the health and welfare of the community and its people. We don’t stand alone in the effort:  staff and community volunteers partner with numerous agencies, experts and key leaders to determine the most pressing issues, strategize for long-term solutions and gather and leverage resources. Together, we work to anticipate emerging concerns and structure outcomes to prevent problems from recurring. With the well-being of thousands of people on our shoulders, we take the responsibility of finding solutions seriously.

Before our annual appeal for support, we know exactly what is needed, why it’s needed and where it’s needed most. And while money is critical to effecting change, it’s not the end goal.

Appeal to the Community for Support & Volunteers
Each year we reach out to the community through workplace campaigns, marketing initiatives and community meetings. With every communication to the public, the United Way of Deschutes County works to express and illustrate the most pressing needs and, thereby, engage the community to think and act beyond traditional responses. Our goal is to raise awareness and inspire action.

Whether you choose payroll deduction, a personal gift, a volunteer activity or the opportunity to be an advocate—we invite everyone to give in a way that is rewarding, meaningful and unique. And it’s important to remember that when you give, advocate or volunteer it takes a long-term commitment to achieve results.

Putting Dollars & People to Work
When we raise dollars, sign-up volunteers or provide training, every step, every action and every effort is geared toward achieving results that make the most difference in the community. On an annual basis, the Community Impact Committee evaluates proposals from agencies to ensure that the people they help and the results they achieve are focused on the funding priorities of health, education, financial stability and resilience. After careful consideration, they allocate funds for maximum impact.

The board of directors works at overseeing the operations for the United Way staff and Employee Campaign Coordinators organize employee meetings.

During every annual fundraising campaign, the desire of people to give is always prevalent, but what we truly need is the will to live in a way that considers those around us every day.