Lend your Time, Energy and Spirit

Time is a priceless commodity and the most valuable gift you can share. A moment of your time can result in a smile or a hug; a life changed, or the rebirth of hope. Every volunteer discovers that the reward exceeds the effort. Whatever your passion may be, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in Deschutes County. Don't hesitate; to learn more contact the United Way office or one of our partner agencies. The life you change may be your own.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities by calling the United Way office or visit
Volunteer Connect online.

 Volunteers in Action - Meet Dennis


I work for Avion Water and my favorite place here in Deschutes County is East Lake. For more than 15 years, I have been donating my time and talent to Grandma’s House, a place where teenage mothers can feel safe and lean about making better choices for themselves and the life of their child.

Sharing my time where it’s needed most. That’s how I LIVE UNITED.