Results Matter



Each year United Way funded community partners report on program outcomes and successes in our community.
Last year 25% of Central Oregonians were served by a United Way program or service.

 Education - Our vision is that children are nurtured by informed parents/caregivers and have access to quality developmental and educational services which  prepare them for success in school and in life.  Last year we provided support towards this goal for over 2,100 individuals.

Financial Stability & Safety Net - Our vision is that individuals and families can meet life's basic needs (food, shelter, and healthcare) and gain economic stability through education, job training, permanent housing and basic supportive services.  We support programs for people living in poverty and other vulnerable populations and last year provided assistance to over 6,500 individuals and families. 

Health & Safety - Our vision is that all people have access to quality, affordable healthcare and have the opportunity to maximize their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being to lead independent, productive lives. Last year we provided support to over 50,800 individuals.      

Resilience - We envision a region where: every individual has the strength, connections, and support needed to thrive; where leaders, organizations, and communities actively build systems that help build resilience; where strength is built and results in high levels of health and well-being and low levels of chronic health conditions; where all children achieve their highest level of education success and graduate on time; and where all adults are financially stable and contributing participants in their community.  Last year our resilience building initiatives touched over 20 individuals.