Empowering Independence & Financial Stability

Many families are walking a financial tightrope where any misstep can cause them to fall. United Way helps transform that tightrope into a solid path to financial stability.

In the short term, this means stabilizing families by finding ways to help them stay in their homes, or afford their utilities, or make sure they have enough food. In the long term, it means families can get to the end of the month with money left over to save, invest or pay down debt.

The work United Way does to increase financial stability has benefits that ripple throughout the community. Through budget coaching, job training, and tax assistance, we help hundreds of families move closer to financial stability, creating a stronger and more prosperous community.

When we’re self-sufficient and independent, we’re more likely to access resources, provide a good education for our kids and contribute to our economy.

The NeighborImpact Community Needs Assessment from October 2015 provides insight on how some of our current community conditions are perceived.


Bethlehem Inn - Shelter Services for Adults and Families
Cascade Youth & Family Center - Transitional Youth Services/Street Outreach
Latino Community Association - Latino Family Empowerment
NeighborImpact - Housing Stabilization
Saving Grace - Domestic Violence Shelter & Independent Support