Promoting Life-Long Learning

Children are born ready to learn. What takes place between birth and school entry greatly determines whether they will enter school ready for sustained success, something we want for all children. Conversely, what takes place in these early years determines whether a gap in competencies – cognitive, social/emotional, and physical – will exist from the start of K-12 education, leading to a wide range of problems that are significantly more difficult, as well as more expensive, to address later on.

United Way supports lasting solutions that build life-long learners and opportunity for all. We look at the big picture, then we address gaps in services by working with partners to help children be ready for school, help them stay in school and prepare them for a successful future.



Boys & Girls Clubs - Academic Support & Mentoring
Camp Fire - Youth Development and Life-Skills
Family Resource Center - Parent Education & Training
Heart of Oregon Corps - Teen Education and Employment
Mt. Star Family Relief Nursery - Therapeutic Early Learning