Who We Are

The United Way of Deschutes County was established in 1953 and works to connect families and individuals with local agencies offering appropriate programs and services. With the help of corporate, employee and individual donations, the United Way impacts one-in-three lives through programs that focus on our most urgent human social service needs: meeting basic needs of individuals and families, keeping children and families safe from violence and abuse, helping kids get a great start in life, and keeping youth on track for success. 



Children entering kindergarten properly fed, clothed, and prepared to learn.

Teenagers off the street, involved in after-school programs and free of drug use.

Affordable housing for families and the elderly living safely and self sufficiently.

Freedom from violence for people of all ages.


Together, our goal is to raise awareness, inspire action and create lasting change. We are proud of our work and the effort of our volunteers in the community. We hope you will join us.